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What is mineral make-up?

Mineral make-up, in its purest form, is make-up that comes directly from the minerals of earth.
The colours are due to iron oxides, which actually benefit the skin, meaning you can even sleep in it without harming your skin.
Zuzka’s genuine 100% pure mineral make-up, is free from preservatives, artificial colours, talc, oil, fragrances & other skin irritants. We don’t use fillers or binders and the make-up is virtually weightless.

Why is mineral make-up better for the skin?

Pure mineral make-up is believed to be better for all skin types, especially sensitive – acne prone & skin that reacts allergically to cosmetics. Mineral make-up is recommended by dermatologists because it is known as non-comedogenic, meaning it does not clog skin pores.The presence of zinc oxide & titanium dioxide, the key ingredients in most mineral make-up, provide natural protection from ultra-violet rays. Zinc oxide also possesses anti-bacterial & inflammation reducing properties, that are useful for combating acne – acne rosacea or post surgical skin.

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