Honey Glow Manuka Balm


(2 customer reviews)

Weight: 50ml


Manuka Leaf essential oil has incredible antiseptic properties & is said to aid tissue healing & help reduce inflammation & scarring.

This soothing multi purpose organic vegetable wax balm, utilises all the attributes of this wonderful natural ingredient.


Use as a night balm or apply to any area that needs TLC, excellent for sore cracked lips.

2 reviews for Honey Glow Manuka Balm

  1. Sarah Buckley

    This product is yummy, healing, intensely moisturising & smells good enough to eat!

  2. Megan Sharp

    I’ve always loved this balm! recently I got very sunburnt and didn’t have any after sun so decided to try this and it was so soothing!! My burn is practically healed already and hasn’t peeled and it’s only a few days on! I am very pale so usually remain burnt for weeks!

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