Are you a Natural Beauty? Are you looking for some pure, fresh, handmade cosmetics that look and feel great? Have you heard of Zuzka Beauty yet?


I recently had an opportunity to try 2 products from Zuzka beauty range and would like to share some feedback on them with you. Firstly, they look very girly-I love pink so Zuzka’s beauty packaging was a big hit with me. As I have normal to combination skin so I decided to try:

· Zuzka Beauty Deep Pore Exfoliating Mask (£24.99 for 50ml)

It is a nice exfoliating and deep-pore cleansing clay mask. Its formula is rich in minerals, micro algae particles as well as organic tea tree so it is great to re-balance combination skin. I applied it for 20 minutes and when it dried I washed it off with some warm water. My skin was baby-soft and looked very fresh and glowing. At the same time, mask also tightened my pores which seemed slightly less visible. I would recommend it to anyone who has a problematic, combination skin.

· Zuzka Beauty Organic Precious Oil for Oily/Problematic Skin (£18 for 30ml)

Zuzka’s Beauty Oil is a best-selling organic oil specifically created for oily and problematic skin.  I used this oil as a part of my night-time skincare routine, instead of my regular Elemis serum. Its formula contains calendula, soya and jojoba oils that are blended with organic essential oils including lavender, tea tree & lemongrass so it is great for oily as well as combination skin.What I liked the most about it was that this oil doesn’t leave oily residue on my skin. It was absorbed quickly and left my skin looking glowing and soft. It costs only £18 and you only need to use 2-4 drops on your skin so it should last for at least one month.