Rose Petal Facial Spritz

Rose Petal Facial Spritz


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Weight: 150ml


Rose Petal Facial Spritz

The beautiful aromatic rejuvenating waters of rose petal, witch hazel & frankincense, sooth & refresh the skin & close open pores.


After cleansing, spray small amount onto damp cotton wool & apply all over face & neck then close eyes & spray with the fine toning spritz, allow to dry naturally or pat dry with tissue.

2 reviews for Rose Petal Facial Spritz

  1. admin

    This spritz smells as if roses have just been picked out of the garden, a very fresh and delicate fragrance. Feels wonderful to spritz straight after a shower, face feels cleansed and toned and ready for the rest of the day, or night! Use liberally as it goes a long way!

  2. admin

    one of my favourites. just love the smell. tones my skin so well.

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